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Design and Flow Academy is a developmental and educational initiative, with a dynamic curriculum, that revolutionizes design education. We believe that investing in creative problem solving, strategic design and innovation education will cultivate the much needed next generation of industry leaders that will purposefully realize the long-term and lasting positive change we strive towards.

Our human centered design curriculum runs parallel to and complements formal scholastic design studies. It is a flexible, modular and a steadily evolving, emphasizing timely and relevant design methodologies, and allowing students from all ages and professions, with or without design experience, to customize their learning in order to chart their individual paths and support their personal and career development.

Our dynamic curriculum starts with a foundation unit that is required for all students, before they start customizing their studies and choose from modules that are specific to our Design and Flow ongoing themes. The current themes are Transitions and In:Bodied with hands-on courses specific to each theme. Additional themes and corresponding modules will be added on a regular basis, to impart the students with the design skills that are most suitable to address contemporary societal concerns and opportunities.



are bold and passionate about the change they want to effect in the world. They create their own custom curriculum, by mixing and matching from the courses on offer, and work in collaborative transdisciplinary teams on practical projects with real-life applicability.


are world-class industry and academic leaders, operating at the forefront of their fields, both intellectually and professionally. They are inspirational tutors and mentors, with experience working hands-on with transdisciplinary teams on complex issues in a variety of settings.


In addition to offerings open to the public, Design and Flow Academy provides custom curricular development and executive training modules for private and public institutions.


Where will design go next?


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